Synergy Garage - Learn To CrossFit

Synergy Garage - Learn To CrossFit


Learn the basics of CrossFit with Synergy Garage - workouts for anyone anywhere.

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Synergy Garage - Learn to CrossFit

Synergy Strength will be hosting a Synergy Garage seminar teaching and addressing the basics of how to do CrossFit in your garage. When we write garage we mean basement, backyard, home gym, whatever you use as your unofficial gym setting.

Synergy Garage is of course a workout program for anyone interested in getting fit and having fun without a lot of equipment, without access to a coach, and without access to a CF box or community gym. We are looking for those who have limited space, time, and equipment to exercise and require a bit of guidance and are looking to join a larger fitness family to help stay motivated and increase commitment.

We are looking for rural clients (rural = outside of home base in Saskatoon),but of course anyone is welcome.


What - Learn To CrossFit

When - May 25th @ 1-6pm

Where - Synergy Strength and Conditioning

400-1222 Quebec Ave

Saskatoon, SK. S7K 1V2


Coaches - Coach Justin and coach Chad

For who - anyone and everyone


1:00pm - Introductions

1:20pm - Introduction ot Synergy Garage

1:40pm - Movements

- Deadlifting

- Pressing

- Squatting

- Lunging

**each of the above movements - we will discuss proper technique, different loading patterns, use of differetn equipment, and all modifications)

- Burpees

- Box work (box jumps, step-overs, burpee box jumps, etc)

- Core work

**we will expand and play with additional movements based on the participants needs

4:40pm - How to use Garage programming

5:30pm - Q&A

**this is a preliminary schedule and a rough draft of a schedule to use.

Synergy Garage

(306) 979-9348